Membership Benefits

Introduce :

GTAB(Global Transport Alliance in Blockchain) is a blockchain transport alliance established in October 2018.
The Global Transport Alliance(GTAB) is a consortium aiming at logistics industry standards by applying blockchainsto logistics.
Every company participating in GTAB develops standard blockchain systemsand conducts training and conferences to apply blockchains to industry.

GTAB membership fees are paid annually.
The annual membership fee varies according to the company’s classification and size.

Membership benefits include :

  • . Two official conference meetings are held each year to discuss and provide updates to members.
  • . Access to the exclusive GTAB members-only section of the GTAB website
  • . Members Introduction and Presentation
  • . Membership Registration on the GTAB Membership Logo on the GTAB official website
  • . Members-Only Online Offline Seminar
  • . Monthly Weekly Updates
  • . Discounted Sponsorship Opportunities
  • . Tickets for all event Discounts at GTAB

Who should join?

Logistics Transportation Company, 3PL, General Logistics Company – Logistics Transportation companies and logistics companies are affected by all logistics processes.
We encourage all logistics companies to participate in the standard solutions offered by GTAB. The GTAB blockchain logistics solution will guide the new logistics world through blockchain solutions from smart contracts to payment (payments) to all logistics companies and customers.

Blockchain company, Technology Company, Financial Company, Manufacture Company

GTAB gives you the opportunity to work with new businesses and new companies from around the world. Through the global logistics alliance in the online world, companies such as global logistics companies, finance, insurance, truck production, and automobile companies participate in the GTAB global logistics alliance to share enterprise value and study and apply blockchain technology. You can participate in GTAB in all areas of business to discuss block-chain technology and form membership with GTAB members..

Universities, Trade Associations, Logistics Associations, Consultants

What GTAB pursues is the formation of a global logistics alliance, the core of which is blockchain solution research, education and leadership. Companies in the Global Transportation Alliance can share and provide information about their companies.